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Shaare Torah Boys High School strives to educate, empower, and enable all students to become caring, contributing citizens who can excel in an ever-changing world. Shaare Torah is committed to focusing on high expectations and individual academic success to sculpt intelligent, respectful, and responsible young men of the community.

Our Judaic Studies program is skill-based and geared towards preparing our students to become productive and powerful Torah learners. Our General Studies program challenges our students to become analytical thinkers and curious scholars. Shaare Torah Boys High School promotes commitment to excellence and prepares our students for higher education and career planning. Our goal is to fortify our boys with information and support to face the challenges of the outside world with strength and Torah values.

Our mission is to cultivate a lifelong bond between Rabbi and student, within a safe, loving, and genuine Torah environment. Our disciplinary approach is firm, albeit empathetic, and carried out within an environment of mutual respect and unity. The development of proper character, sincerity, and truthfulness are our priority. We aim to recognize the individuality of every student, tapping into each one’s inner strength and potential to help him succeed personally, professionally, and socially.

Our goal is to help every student attain the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual capacity to become productive and self-sufficient members of their local and broader communities. Shaare Torah’s students are specially educated to be a source of positivity and improvement to the world-at-large.

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