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Shaare Torah Boys Elementary Division seeks to fully equip our students with the Torah knowledge, strength of character, and secular capabilities needed to excel in their ensuing years of higher education and professional pursuits. The Boys Division has consistently produced well-known Talmide Hahamim, community leaders, and successful laymen. Our mission is to provide the highest standards of education by laying a strong foundation in all subject areas. The consideration of educating the whole child is visible throughout our school and is evidenced by the relationships fostered between Rabbis, teachers, and students.

Our Judaic Studies Program focuses on learning complex Hebrew etymological skills. With the use of a comprehensive Keriah curriculum designed by our own educators, students are taught one of the most important skills: reading the Hebrew Language. We have also incorporated an adaptive and creative Humash curriculum, which gives students the skills and confidence they need to master and retain the complex language of the text. Furthermore, Middle School students are taught to read and understand Aramaic to develop an aptitude and affinity as they begin to learn Mishna and Gemara.

Our General Studies Program is designed with a comprehensive foundation in literacy, mathematics, and the sciences, with supporting courses in computer science, engineering, robotics, and physical education. We follow the nationally recognized Balanced Literacy model where students are tracked according to their unique reading and writing ability. Research-based instruction helps guide our students as their fluency and comprehension progress from level to level. We also take pride in our writing curriculum, which is uniform across all elementary grades and produces independent, creative, and effective writers. Across all subject areas, the Common Core standards are our standards. We are also fortunate to participate in a unique STEM curriculum, where students use computers to program robots and engineer working elevators from the ground up. Students in our school are exposed to computers and typing in first grade, and by the time they graduate, they are proficient in the computer skills they need for the future. Our goal is to balance devotion, professionalism, stimulating education, and positive encouragement to nurture and help shape students into positive thinkers and enthusiastic learners. We are privileged to embrace the awesome task of empowering our boys to be the successful individuals of the next generation.

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