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Shaare Torah Preschool strives to build a solid intellectual foundation for Judaic studies, English, math, literacy, and science, with teachers who are attentive and responsive to each individual child. We believe that children under the age of six learn best through creative, hands-on discovery and a variety of multisensory activities.

Our objective is to cultivate the student’s cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual development, and to inspire a lifelong love of learning and discovery. We monitor the students’ progress with individual assessments, ensuring that they reach developmental milestones and master required academic skills.

Our goal is to build each child’s independence and self-sufficiency, and we foster a “learn by doing” attitude. In a safe, nurturing, teacher-guided environment, children are encouraged to help, to make decisions, and to think creatively. Our mission is to inspire children to have yirat Shamayim—a love of Hashem, Torah, and mitzvot.

The children internalize these Jewish values through meaningful experiences; learning about the weekly Parasha and the Jewish holidays, which provide the framework for the Shaare Elementary Hebrew curriculum.  Fine character and good midot are supremely important to us in Shaare Torah. Therefore, we seek caring and compassionate Morot who are extremely qualified and wonderful role models. The children also learn to be sensitive to the needs of others through tzedaka and hesed activities. Shaare Torah Preschool is a safe and stimulating educational program. We have a high teacher-to-student ratio, ensuring each child receives the individual attention he or she deserves. Shaare provides a positive and joyful environment that satisfies the needs of students and parents alike.

Learning in Shaare Torah is extended beyond the classroom with field trips to the zoo, museum, and fire station. Shaare Specialty Programs encourage each child to reach his or her full creative, intellectual, social, and independent self.

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