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Mrs. Mindy WeissEarly Childhood Director
Having served as Certified School Psychologist as well as Associate Early Childhood Director in Shaare Torah Preschool for twelve years, Mrs. Weiss brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and proficiency to our program. Her directorship ensures our students are enriched from the moment they walk into Yeshivat Shaare Torah. As well, Mrs. Weiss coordinates all early intervention services for our preschoolers, and she is an excellent resource for parents navigating the Department of Education. Mrs. Weiss’ warmth makes her easily approachable. Her friendly, hands-on style makes her an ally to parents and students alike.  
Rabbi Amram Kuessous
Rabbi Amram KuessousMenahel Boys Elementary Division
Rabbi Amram Kuessous has been active in the field of Jewish education in Brooklyn for the past 28 years. He studied in Yeshivas Bais Moshe in Scranton, Pennsylvania for twelve years where his Torah aspirations and Hashkafot were shaped as he prepared himself for a career in Chinuch. He attended Adelphi University where he studied for his Master’s Degree in the fields of Special Education and Reading Instruction. He is a lifelong learner, having taken additional training through the Schools Attuned; All Kinds of Minds Program, the Hidden Sparks Learning Lenses Program, as well as Life Coach Training through the Refuah Institute. 

 Over the past 24 years Rabbi Kuessous has taught all elementary and middle school grades prior to becoming the Assistant Menahel and subsequently, the Menahel of Yeshivat Shaare Torah Boys Elementary Division. Additionally, he serves as the High School English Principal for the past ten years in an accredited Regents Based Program in Brooklyn. 
Rabbi Kuessous draws upon this wide range of experiences to mentor and train many new educators at all levels of Chinuch, and all levels of Secular Education. Rabbi Kuessous’ warm and energetic leadership have made him a beloved figure to parents, students and staff members. He is passionate about his students’ success and uses innovation, creativity and heart to reach each and every child. Collaboration and communication have been the secret to building a formidable Elementary School in the heart of our community. 
Rabbi David Sutton
Rabbi David Sutton Elementary School and High School Curriculum Coordinator
Rabbi David Sutton is a rabbinic leader of the Syrian community of Flatbush. He and Rabbi David Ozeirey are the spiritual leaders of, and teachers in the Yad Yosef Torah Center of Avenue J. Rabbi Sutton received his guidance in hashkafah and mussar from the famed mashgiach, Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe in Yeshivat Be’er Yaacov and learned halachah from the Sephardic giant and Rosh Yeshiva, Hacham Ben Sion Abba Shaul. Rabbi Sutton serves as the educational coordinator for both the Boys Elementary and High School divisions, specializing in curriculum development and advancement.
Rabbi Moshe Friedman
Rabbi Moshe FriedmanGeneral Studies Principal Boys Elementary Division
After learning in Yeshiva for many years and receiving his Semicha, Rabbi Friedman received his dual graduate degree in Education and Special Education from Touro College, while simultaneously receiving his teaching license from New York State. For over 15 years, he used this degree to teach students with varying learning disabilities. Rabbi Friedman has furthered his education by receiving his third Masters degree in School Building Leadership from St. John’s University. Additionally, he attended a year long training for day school principals, receiving a certificate from Bar Ilan University after the completion of the training. His skillful leadership at the Boys Elementary School has made him an invaluable asset of the administrative team. 
Rabbi Yisrael Olshan
Rabbi Yisrael Olshan Vice Principal
Having served as Judaic studies Principal at Mill Basin Yeshiva Academy the last several years, Rabbi Olshan brings strong leadership and management skills to Shaare Torah.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology  and a Master’s degree in Educational leadership. Rabbi Olshan works closely with the Menahel and General Studies Principal to ensure the success of every child. His hands-on approach to education, as well as his ability to connect with students and parents alike, serves as a tremendous asset to the YST community.

Mrs. Yael BussuMenahelet Girls Elementary Division
Mrs. Yael Bussu is a graduate of The Wolff Teacher’s Seminary in Israel. In her first years as an educator, she taught in Navat Yisrael in Machane Yehuda and The Ahinoam School in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. Additionally, she has over 20 years of experience in teaching and administration in the schools of our community. Mrs. Bussu was mentored by prominent Mechanchim and Mechanchot, namely, Mrs. Zahava Braunstein ע”ה and Rabbi Dr. Chaim S. Feuerman of The Azrieli Institute at Yeshiva University. Mrs. Bussu has attended numerous teaching and leadership institutes including The Harvard Principal’s Center and the Torah Umesorah Principal’s Training. She is a certified life coach and applies those skills to empower staff and students to achieve their personal best.
Mrs. Yona KreiserAssistant Principal Girls Elementary Division
Mrs. Yona Kreiser has degrees in both Elementary Education and Educational Technology. Additionally, she is a certified Wilson Reading Specialist. She uses her knowledge and expertise to integrate technology and literacy in all areas. She has produced a curriculum that is relevant and progressive. Mrs. Kreiser balances skills proficiency with up-to- the-minute technologies resulting in a program that makes the rigors of learning engaging and fun. In her continuing pursuit of excellence, she recently completed the Harvard University Leadership Program.
Mrs. Devirah GreenfieldAssistant Principal Girls Elementary Division
Having served over 20 years in the field of education, Mrs. Greenfield has multiple degrees and licenses, which have equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to lead our Junior High School secular department. Mrs. Greenfield is a strong believer in experiential learning. To that end, hands on projects and trips are an integral part of our Junior High program. Literature, computers, robotics, history and mathematics are all brought to life, ensuring that all our students meet and exceed the high standards set for them. Mrs. Greenfield stays up to date with the latest developments in education by networking through her membership at CIJE, Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education, and the constant training that she attends and arranges for her teachers. Her students are given opportunities to take initiative in leadership as they plan and execute compilations of creative writing, presentations, displays and fundraisers.
Rabbi Joseph Abboud
Rabbi Joseph AbboudMenahel Boys High School
Rabbi Abboud is a graduate of Ateret Torah Yeshiva and studied for close to 5 years in Israel, as well as in kollelim of Lakewood and Deal.  He has multiple certifications, having completed training through the Hidden Sparks Internal Coach Program and the Torah Umesorah Mashgiach Training Program.  In the classroom, Rabbi Abboud has distinguished himself as an astute and skilled teacher. He has demonstrated tremendous interpersonal skills with students, parents and staff members. Rabbi Abboud made an enduring impact on the Shaare Torah Boys Elementary Junior High Division. His initiatives to raise the level of emuna and tefila among the talmidim, were profoundly inspirational and successful. As Menahel of the Boys High School, Rabbi Abboud leads with tremendous determination, and a commitment to guide his students in the derech of  true beneh Torah.
Mr. Moshe Birnbaum
Mr. Moshe BirnbaumGeneral Studies Principal
Mr. Moshe Birnbaum comes to Shaare Torah with an impressive academic background. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Touro College, and earned his CPA shortly thereafter. He recently completed his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Brooklyn College, in order to obtain New York State School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL) certificates. Mr. Birnbaum received STEM training in Israel through the Israeli Arts and Science Academy, and went on to teach E2K, Set3, and CIJE Middletech. He also completed The Consortium Of Jewish Day Schools (COJDS) Principal Training Institute (PTI) Program. Mr. Birnbaum has extensive educational, administrative, and leadership experience. He has taught all aspects of Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science to Middle School and High School students over the past 15 years. In addition, he served as Dean of Students at Shaare Torah Boys High School, where he oversaw the General Studies department to ensure that the curriculum was being effectively implemented and that students were meeting academic goals. Mr. Birnbaum has a well-deserved reputation for setting high standards for students and teachers alike, creating a genuinely positive school environment, and developing long-standing relationships with his students.
Mrs. Carol HaberDean Girls High School
Mrs. Haber is among the forerunners in revolutionizing Torah education for the women of our community. She has been teaching for over 30 years and has become a trusted mentor to ladies of all ages and stages of life. She has taught and continues to lecture on a range of topics, including Musar, Halacha, Hashkafa, Humash, Marriage Preparation, and Shalom Bayit. In 2007, Mrs. Haber assumed the role of dean of the Girls High School. In a very short time, she raised the bar of excellence to unprecedented heights. She implemented a rigorous academic curriculum, innovative extra curricular programs and a fresh approach to education that has put Shaare Torah at the forefront of girls yeshivot.
Mrs. Sarah WadlerPrincipal of General Studies Department
Mrs. Wadler holds a Master of Science degree from Fordham University in School Administration and Supervision and a Bachelor of Science from the City University of New York, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Her licenses and accomplishments are many including New York State Administrator and Supervisor Licenses, New York State Teacher’s License, New York City Business Teacher’s License, the New York State CPA Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the Brooklyn College Judith Herz Hirth Award for Academic Excellence. Mrs. Wadler has mentored for the Jewish New Teachers Project and currently serves as a career coach.
Mrs. Yvette Cohen Principal of Judaic Studies
Our Limudeh Kodesh department is headed by Mrs. Yvette Cohen. Mrs. Cohen came to Shaare together with Mrs. Haber 14 years ago and has been instrumental in making Shaare Torah Girls High School the wonderful school it is today. Since graduating BYA Teachers Seminary Mrs. Cohen has close to 25 years of experience in teaching, administration and mentoring adolescents in our community. She has taught many fields including Judaic studies, biology and computers. As Director of Student Affairs for 14 years, she implemented many programs that have greatly contributed to STGHS’s special flavor of concern for every girl’s welfare, social and academic success and contented high school experience. Under her leadership the Limudeh Kodesh department will continue to excel.

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