Our Alumni

Yeshivat Shaare Torah’s alumni serve as a representation of what our incredible institution is all about. Shaare has always been committed to serving a role far greater than just an educational institution; we are a family. That spirit is inculcated in our students from the moment they step through our doors until the moment they leave. Throughout each student’s life, at every milestone, during every turn, Shaare Torah is there. One need not look further then the relationship between our Rosh Hayeshivah, Rabbi Hillel Haber Shlita,  and our Alumni. 

No matter how many years have lapsed, Rabbi Haber still regards each and every alumnus as he would his own child. Our alumni share a special bond with the Rabbi that is as heartwarming as it is impactful. The staff and administration as well enjoy a close connection with their students for many years after their education has commenced. As an institution, we take great pride in our alumni and what they have accomplished. We look forward to the future, as the thousands who call Shaare Torah their family, build their own families and continue to contribute to our extraordinary community.

In their own words…

Shaare Torah is not just  a school. It’s a family. A family that cares about every one of its members. The warmth is tangible. We were taught to strive for greatness in all areas. And we saw what it meant to love the Torah. We learnt from the books and by example. Shaare Torah continues striving for excellence, and is molding leaders for the future of our community.

Moses Hidary

As a current student at New York University maintaining a cherished Orthodox lifestyle, it is to Shaare that I attribute a vast percentage of my academic excellence and spiritual involvement. It is at Shaare only that students like myself were enabled in their pursuit of dreaming lucidly, so to speak, a feat necessary to the attainment of one’s supreme self.

Lorraine Bawabeh

I think the dedication and sincerity that the school personifies is the secret to the impact it has had on my life and on so many others’. Shaare gave us the backbone of always knowing what’s right with the freedom to let us develop into individuals.

R’ Manny Haber

The exemplary middot programs in the Preschool, Elementary and High School divisions, along with equally top-notch scholastic initiatives, enable
each student to ultimately reach their multi-faceted potential. A Shaare girl strives to better her relationships-both personal & spiritual. Refined character and desire to learn how to continually and positively benefit their peers and community at large is the foundation of what I can uniquely say is the cornerstone of a comprehensive education, which I was so fortunate to receive for over 15 years.

Aliza Levy

My love for Torah, my love for Jewish people, and my passion for helping others, was greatly cultivated through my years at Shaare.

Dr. Joseph Matalon

My years at Shaare were “some of the best years of my life”. The yeshiva fostered an environment of enthusiasm for learning Torah, which stayed with me until today. As a parent, I have watched my children enjoy many years of growth and success in the same warm and caring environment.

Rabbi Ely Matalon

Thinking back to my years spent in Shaare Torah as a student, I can confidently say that I got the ultimate experience. Now I have the privilege of being part of the faculty, and I am still gaining from the wonderful environment. Although there is no way to fully repay Shaare Torah, I am so happy to give back to a school that has given me so much.

Shirley Sutton Safdieh

Having graduated from Shaare Torah over a decade ago, I always longed for my children to have the same experience I had growing up. Many of my best friends are the same from first grade. Many of my mentors who guided me my entire adult life are the same. And I always wanted that for my children. There are very few things that can keep my children excited every day.  My children wake up in the morning full of energy and excited for what the next day has in store.  They come home every day full of knowledge songs and happiness.  And that’s more then I can ever ask for.  

Nathan Bailey